By Larry GLicken

Is this going to be another case of where a prominent college athlete, throw his entire future away because of one stupid act? It is starting to look like it from where I am sitting. How did  Jameis Winston’s DNA find its way into the victims panties?

If you are like me, you want to hear the answer to this question too. There is a 1 in 2.2 trillion chance of this DNA not belonging to Winston. The likely hood of this not being his DNA is slim to none.

It’s beyond our wildest imagination as to why Winston has not been charged with a crime yet. What are they waiting for? His lawyer Tim Jansen said, police and prosecutors have not spoken with Winston.

What is the holdup? All of America would like to know how his DNA ended up in this ladies panties. This is turning into a case where someone is trying to stick up for the star Athlete.

The police were trying to get this woman to forget about pursuing charges from the start, they continued to point out to her how she would be ridiculed for bringing charges against one of college football’s star players. They pointed out to her how big of a football town this was and how hard it was going to be to prove her case.

The DNA sample proving to be positive certainly adds credibility to her claim. How is Winston going to prove her wrong now and when can we expect to see charges filed. This has dragged on long enough. If this was a regular member of society, they would have already been arrested.



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