How many times is Major League Baseball going to put up with Ryan Brauns lies? Time and time again, Braun has sworn he didn’t use drugs to enhance his play. Now he comes out and releases a long statement that proves he lied. MLB should take a guy like Braun and make an example out of him.

Baseball is losing all credibility because of the way they handle dirty players. Braun is a guy who has abuse the system for years. He lied about the use of PED’s and he has been busted before. How many chances do you give a guy like Braun? MLB has already over-extended itself to this guy.

If they seriously want to clean up the game, impose a life-time ban on players who come up dirty more than once. Losing their multi-million dollar pay days will smarten guys like Braun up quicker than they send the ball over the out-field fence. Now MLB has guys like A-Rod holding them hostage.

How good for the game are players like these? Baseball has a responsibility to handle these issues. If you ask me and a bunch of others, we would tell you they are failing miserably. The time has come to take a more punitive action. If a guy like Braun or anyone else is caught cheating kick their butts out of the game for life.

Why mess around and prove that these players control the league? Baseball can and will survive without players like Ryan Braun. It has survived for years without them. Major League Baseball should be sick and tired of looking like fools. Take the action the world is waiting for and get rid of the trash…..


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