By Larry GLicken

Ever since the allegations of a sexual assault came out against the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick has been in hiding. The team has broken off talks with their star  QB and he has kept a low profile. So how does one rebuild their tarnished reputation?

How about a nice picture, while holding and feeding a little innocent baby? That’s exactly what Kaepernick did. After all, it’s worked for politicians for years. You hold a baby and everyone loves you.

You can see how happy Kaepernick looks feeding this little baby. You can’t help but to like it. How about the 49ers? Will this be enough to continue talks on a mega contract that will keep the quarterback in a 49ers uniform  for yours to come?

How about the police investigation? His head coach Jim Harbaugh is taking Kaepernicks side, he had this to say;

“Looking at Colin Kaepernick’s situation, at some point there needs to be a resolution to some of this jump-the-gun, witch-hunt scenario we’re seeing.”

So with Harbaugh at his side and a picture of the QB feeding a baby, things have to get back to normal for the star QB soon. After all, he is a big-time professional football player and everyone knows you can’t beat that…..


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