Have you wondered, how far Jameis Winston would have went in the Heisman vote, had the Tallahassee Police Department handled the rape allegations as if he was any other suspect?

According to Attorney Patricia Carroll, the lawyer for the woman who claimed Winston sexually assaulted her, the Tallahassee Police department may have went way out of their way to help Winston. She is claiming the documents in surrounding the case may have been altered.

How far would the police department go to help a star athlete avoid a rape charge? This is the question America should be asking. If the documents were truly altered to protect Winston’s reputation, someone should be prosecuted.

Carroll was holding up two different documents last Friday and she was contending that someone fixed these documents so that it would look as though there wasn’t much wrong with the alleged victim.

This is a bothersome allegation. If indeed the police would go out of their way to help the star football player, what does this mean for our justice system?

I have a feeling we aren’t done hearing about the Jameis Winston rape case. Carroll said she is going to take this case to the state’s attorney general. The Tallahassee Police department may have played a bigger role in Winston’s Heisman than his own offensive line did.

It would be fitting to display the trophy in the lobby of the police department, they should put a shelf on the wall right next to the pictures of the fallen officers, who gave their lives to uphold the law. Then they should place Winston’s Heisman on the shelf so that others can see what a joke this police department has turned into.




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