Over the course of his career with Texas Elvis Andrus has underachieved  even more than Ian Kinsler has, in my opinion–justifying the Rangers’ decision to let him know that they expect a lot more for the (roughly) $120 Million dollars they’ve thrown at him than the hot and cold (mostly cold) hitting they’ve been getting from him overall and the particularly piss poor performance with runners in scoring position that he’s turned in so far this season.

That, by the way, is a category that Andrus has actually excelled in previously–twice leading the club in hitting with RISP during his tenure there if I’m not mistaken. But that’s the rub. He’s a superb fielder–one of the best at his position anywhere.

But (much like Mitch Moreland) each time he looks as if he’s finally figured things out at the plate and he raises his average up near .280, the peak is immediately followed by the valley and he lapses into the same bad habits (like swinging at pitches Ty Cobb couldn’t hit) and his average dips by 40 points or more.


Subconsciously I think his disgusting lack of consistency at the plate is traceable to the suspicion that he’ll always be in the lineup because of his fielding.

That may have been true back when the Rangers had more stick in their lineup. But now that they’re missing Napoli, Young, Hamilton and Chris Davis (who I contended they should have kept back when rumors began circulating that they were going to trade him for reliever Koji Uehara), they need more consistency from Elvis than would otherwise have been the case.

As others have mentioned, though, now that they have Profar to fall back on, they can better afford to dangle Elvis in a trade–a move that–until this year–I would have been intransigently against. But if Elvis doesn’t begin playing up to his ability from now on I would understand–and even endorse–the Rangers letting him go


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