Last year it was Tom Brady’s wife who was shooting off her mouth after they lost in the play offs. This year it is Wes Welker’s wife Anna Burns Welker who was taking to twitter to talk about the colorful past of Ray Lewis. Welkers wife is bring up the fact that Lewis got off of a murder charge. She is also letting people know about his personal life too. Welker’s wife should have just kept her mouth shut and showed she had enough class to be married to a fine gentleman like Wes Welker.

The New England Patriots should have classes to give their players wives some class. Taking to twitter and bringing up the past of one of the greatest line-backers that ever played the game is not going to change the fact that the Patriots played like crap in the AFC Title game. It was almost like they lost the game on purpose. The Ravens won and they are moving on to the super bowl. The Patriots lost and their wives should learn the golden rule.

Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you. I can’t believe Wes Welkers wife would want Ray Lewis talking about her or her husband the way she talked about him.


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