The New England Patriots defense gave up a lot of yards last night in their preseason game against the Eagles, should this be cause for concern? Belichick’s defense could stop Eli Manning from driving down the field in the super bowl last season and now they couldn’t stop the Eagles from putting 27 points on the board to defeat the Patriots in last nights preseason game. This is either cause for concern for Belichick or in typical Belichick fashion he refuses to put his cards on the table yet.

New England’s defense gave up 425 yards in last night’s game. They surrendered 144 yards rushing and 281 yards through the air. The Patriots didn’t seem to be able to have a pass rush and they couldn’t stop the run. The Patriots have always had a high-powered offense with Tom Brady, this season they are going to need it if the team’s defense is going to continue to give up that many yards. The Patriots defense will probably look better than what Belichick is showing in the preseason, if not Brady is going to have his work cut out for himself.

Maybe that is why Brady sat out of last nights game, Belichick is saving his energy for the regular season.



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  1. Coach Hewes

    Did you even look at the starting line up for last night? Mostly 2nd string so go ahead and be worried our second string did a great job though our offense fumbled twice on our side of the field. Did you actually watch the game or just look at the stats?

    • LG

      Yes I know they had lots of guys sat.

      • Coach Hewes

        Patriots Nation understands the troubles we had last year and Bill is in the process of addressing that.

        Starting 2nd stringers in a week where they play 3 games in 10 days for nothing is brilliant.

        That being said being alarmist over a game that had no meaning and was lost on two offensive fumbles is no reason for an article raising concerns for the defense.

        Have faith In Bill we trust!

  2. Pete Cannell

    20 Starters sat last night, 2nd and 3rd string players against Philly’s starters. Cutdown coming next week, pretty smart job by BB.

  3. Josh

    The defense consisted of all 2nd and 3 stringers against the eagles starters and you wrote as if the patriots had there starters on the field. You need to inform people that it was not the starters and quit acting like it was a big deal, the defense has already proven it is better than last year against the saints.

    • LG

      Josh, if you read the other comments you would see we did say a lot of the starters were sitting out.

      • Josh

        Yes I know about the other comments, but there should be some mention of it in the article.

        • LG

          Yes, you’re right next time I will include it…Thanks for taking the time to read and reply….


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