We knew sooner or later one of the guys that were with Aaron Hernandez the night of the alleged shooting would start to talk. According  to the legal documents that were released talking is exactly whet Carlos Ortiz did.

In the released legal documents Ortiz said it was Aaron Hernandez who pulled the trigger. A statement like that makes it very difficult for a jury to buy the Hernandez not guilty plea. Hernandez should start thinking about the death penalty.

If found guilty of premeditated murder he could be sentenced to death. Hernandez should consider making a deal if he wants to spare his own life. The guy obviously thinks he is Un-touchable and in this case he is going to find out the hard way he is not.

Hernandez may have been involved in other shootings as well. If the police can gather enough evidence to prove he has a past of shooting people, he deserves the death penalty. It is a shame the guy who was on top of the world would throw it all away by killing people.

If found guilty there is no reason to spare his life. The guy is good for nothing and he has a long history of violence and the world would be a better place without him.



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