Ne York Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers lost 440,000 dollars worth of jewelery in Miami this past weekend after taking a woman back to his hotel room. Rogers told Miami police that he fell asleep and when he woke up, he couldn’t get the hotel room safe open.

The woman he brought back to his room was gone and when hotel security pried open the safe so was almost a half of million dollars worth of jewelry. Rogers said the following items were missing. diamond earrings worth $100,000; two wristwatches worth a combined $160,000; a gold necklace with gold pendant worth $50,000; gold bracelets worth $60,000; and a diamond Cuban necklace with a gold pendant worth $70,000.

I guess the next time Rogers decides to take a woman back to his motel room, he will stay awake. Rogers is a 12 year veteran of the NFL and just signed a contract with he Giants in February for 1.005 million dollars. If he is placed on the I.R. the value of his contract drops below the value of the jewelery that was taken in Miami.

The next time Rogers visits Miami, maybe he should leave all the jewels behind. That is if he still has some. It is no wonder these guys that play NFL football are broke 2 years after they leave the NFL. They spend too much money on jewelery.


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