Robert Griffin III continues to voice his opinion about playing in the preseason. His coach Mike Shanahan continues to say NO! Shanahan is impressed by the fact RGIII wants to play football. He said, “First of all, I love it when somebody wants to play, I love it when somebody wants to be out there,””That’s a good problem to have as a head coach. But my job is to make sure we do the best thing for Robert. … Not to necessarily to do what he likes, but to do what’s the best thing for him and this organization.

Shanahan said his job was to get RGIII ready to play the first game of the season, he didn’t say RGIII was going to play in the game. If the head coach doesn’t think it is in Griffin’s best interst to play in the season opener, we are not going to see it happen.

Meanwhile RGII continues to lobby to play football. There is no use, Shanahan isn’t going to listen to RGIII no matter what RGIII tells him. Shanahan has a responsibility to do what’s best both for RGIII and the Washington Redskins.

If keeping RGIII on the sidelines is what Shanahan deems best, then that is what is going to happen. RGIII is going to have to accept his coaches decision whether he likes it or not.

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