The Seattle Seahawks have one cocky corner-back in Richard Sherman. In the post game statement he made to Erin Andrews, Sherman said he was the best in the game.

It was clear he thought the 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree talked bad about him. Now he is going to the Super Bowl and he has to prove his claim that he is the best corner-back in the NFL, against one of the all time great quarterbacks that ever played in the NFL.

Sherman could have just set himself up to fail. Manning has a way of making guys pay. Sherman is going to have to live up to the words he spoke following the 49ers game.

He was worked up to say the least and he had enough adrenalin flowing to play another 4 quarters of football then and there. Andrews didn’t understand what Sherman was saying right away.

She looked a bit intimidated by Sherman and later in the evening he did apologize to Andrews.  This season there is little doubt about the Seahawks defensive secondary.

They were a force to deal with and they are a big reason Seattle is going to the Super Bowl. Facing the Broncos, Sherman will have a chance to show case his talents. He is going to need to be at the top of his game to beat Manning and his Denver Broncos.

It will be interesting to see if he is this cocky after the Super Bowl.

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