Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson decided to take a shower during the half time break at the Super Bowl . When asked why he took a shower in a recent interview, Wilson explained he wanted a clean start in the second half of the game.

The Seahawks were leading the Broncos, 22-0. Wilson told the Huff Post, the half time at the Super Bowl is so long he wanted to be sure to come out with a clean fresh start and it must have worked. Wilson threw 2 touchdown passes in the second half of the Super Bowl.

Wilson got showered, re-taped and come out with the game fresh on his mind. Wilson said the Super Bowl half time is much longer than that of a regular season game and with Bruno Mars performing and playing on the drums, the half time seemed to be an hour long to him.

The second year quarterback must know what he is doing. He is the one walking around as the defending Super Bowl champion. Not bad for a guy who is only in his second year in the NFL.

Now we know what Wilson did while the half time show was taking place.  Lets hope for the Seahawks fans, he gets to do it all again next season.

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