Richard Sherman said in a written statement to Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback, you can forget about him running for office. He went on to say, people ask him often, what he will do following his professional football career.

Some asked if he had plans on running for office. Sherman, said politics aren’t for him. He has no plans to seek any public office once his football career is over.

It might be a good thing. When people run for office, the media digs and finds out all kinds of things about the candidate. Can you imagine if people dug up dirt and talked about Sherman?

We saw his reaction to people taking about him after the Seahawks defeated the 49ers. He went nuts in his post game interview when asked a question. I don’t know what it was that Crabtree said about Sherman, but something tells me it would be nothing compared to what would be said about the star corner-back if he ran for office.

Sherman went on in the piece he wrote for SI about not even thinking about next year yet. He said he is still thinking about the Seahawks Super Bowl Win.

He said; “I’ve got my blinders off, and I’m going to appreciate this championship for just a little bit longer.” And who could blame him, this was the biggest win in his life and he should take it all in.

The Seahawks are already focusing on repeating as the NFC Champs next season and getting back to the Super Bowl.

So what is Sherman going to do after life in the NFL? This is what he said about that; “I want to stay around the game of football and teach as many kids as I can. I want kids to experience football as a gateway to visit places and see new things, the way it was for me,” Sherman wrote. “It’s been a gift from God to be able to play the game and understand it at a high level, and I think I need to share it.”


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