The Seattle Seahawks take on the St. Louis Rams and this time around the Seahawks have to do a better job keeping the Rams from hitting Russell Wilson. In the first match up between these 2 teams, it looked as though the Rams were trying to kill Wilson.

The game was a defensive struggle and the Seahawks managed to find a way to win. This week you have to wonder if the Seahawks are smart by playing Wilson. At 12-3 Seattle has nothing to prove and everything to lose if Wilson would go down to injury.

I understand you want to keep your team on the same page and get ready for the play-offs, but Pete Carroll has to be careful with Wilson this week. This guy is a great athlete and he makes plays by using his ability to scramble all over the field.

It’s his ability to run that makes him an easy target for the Rams. Seattle has very little to gain and everything to lose if Wilson would get injured. But hey, this is the NFL. You can get injured at any time.

This is how the Seahawks got to 12-3 and this is how they are going to get through the play-offs and into the Super Bowl. They will rely on the arm of Russell Wilson and he will get it done.

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