Terrell Owens isn’t guaranteed a rooster spot with the Seahawks, the way T.O. played against the Broncos he could be almost guaranteed not to make the team. Owens went 0 for 5 when it came to catching the ball. The Seahawks must have thought they were getting the T.O. that knew how to go up and grab the football, those days seem to be gone from Terrell Owens  repertoire. The Seahawks need to remember this is a guy who had difficulty playing arena ball. At least when he played in the arena’s there were walls to limit the size of the field.

Owens could be in danger of being released. There isn’t that much time left before the season starts and Owens had better find a way to improve his ability to bring in the ball and he better find it in the next game. The way Owens played last night he showed one thing. He displayed publicly it is time for T.O. to ride into the sunset and hang up his football cleats forever. T.O. may have to go out and get a regular job like the rest of American’s who go to work everyday to make ends meet. Terrel Owens is a guy that blew millions of dollars and now he is blowing his chance to come back and be a NFL receiver. It may be over for Terrell Owens, now it is time for someone to tell him……





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