Have you noticed the resemblance of  Seahawks corner-back Richard Sherman to Earth Wind and Fire’s bass player Verdine White? Sherman has certainly been putting on a show leading up to the Super Bowl.

He has had something to say about everything this week. He may be sorry he attacked Broncos QB Peyton Manning. Manning might make an example out of Sherman come Sunday in Super Bowl 48.

Sherman has turned into the ultimate showman. It started in his post game comments following the 49ers game. Sherman hasn’t shut up yet and his play should have been enough to speak for itself.

The Seahawks are going to have their hands full in Super Bowl 48. Sherman is going to be one busy player. If he doesn’t live up to the expectations he set up for himself, he is going to look like a guy who talks a good game but can’t deliver one.

Sherman better play well. He put himself front and center leading up to the big game. If he fails to stop Manning and his Broncos offense, it is going to be his fault.

After football he should go into show business. He is a great entertainer and maybe Earth Wind and Fire would let him sit in if he can play the bass. After all, he looks like the guy who is the bands bass player now.

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