The NFL game of the week has to be the Seattle Seahawks against the San Fransisco 49ers. The Seahawks come into tonight’s game getting 3 points. Perhaps only scoring 12 points in week one cost them the chance to be the favorite in tonight’s match-up.

Russell Wilson and his Seahawks have to get off to a quick start, their defense is going to have to contain Colin Kaepernick and his 49ers offense. If they lose control of Kaepernick they could lose control of the game.

The Seattle offensive line is going to have to pick things up today. They need to establish some solid run blocking that will help Wilson get a passing game going. If the line can do that, they will take some pressure from Wilson and help to keep the 49ers defense off-balance.

This is going to be a physically tough football game. Both team’s know what this game means, you can bank on the fact that both quarterbacks are going to take some hits and the Seahawks better guard themselves from creating stupid penalties.

You cannot give a team like the 49ers an extra down. If they can avoid mistakes and they can establish the run game the Seattle Seahawks can beat the 49ers. Never under-estimate a Pete Carroll football team, he is going to have his guys ready and you can bank on the fact the defense is going to go after Kaepernick.

This will be one of the best games this week, if not the very best game of the week.


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  1. bill lucey

    hey dumbass…Seahawks are 3 point favorites…get ur #’s right..doesn’t anyone proofread this bs ?

    • LG

      You right my mistake I thought the experts picked the 49ers


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