It won’t happen very often, Bernhard Langer made a mistake on the 17th hole at the Senior Players Championship and just about handed the Constellation Senior Players Championship to another user of the long putter on the Champions Tour, Scott McCarron.

Langer still had a chance at forcing a play-off is he made his birdie putt on the 18th, he hit a good putt, but it ended up lip-ping out of the hole, and just like that Scott McCarron wins a major.

What I find the most humorous, is when they interviewed McCarron after Langer finished, Scott wanted to talk about how great the win was after all the negative press him and Bernhard received over the past few weeks.

McCarron and Langer both were accused of breaking rule 14-1B at the US Senior Open. From what I understand the USGA approached Langer and talked to him about anchoring the putter, and when McCarron found out about it, he was having a fit.

Was McCarron cheating and breaking the rule at the US Open too? Is that why he was so mad? With this Senior Players victory being handed to McCarron, he is now going to be able to play the Players Championship on the PGA Tour in 2018.

I wonder if McCarron will use the long putter when he plays on the PGA Tour. Heck, I wonder if McCarron is able to putt with anything other than the long putter. It amazed me the first thing that was on his mind, was the negative press he has received.

I’m left wondering if Mr. McCarron has a guilty mind. I mean after all why would he get so mad when the USGA talked to Langer? Why would he bring up the negative press after being handed the Constellation Senior Players Championship?

Don’t get me wrong folks, McCarron is a mighty striker of the golf ball, and he played a solid round of golf for the most part. But to continue to use the long putter and perhaps enable people to think he is cheating is something he and the tour should have taken care of a long time ago.

If you watched the golf, you couldn’t help to notice there weren’t too many camera angles directly on McCarron’s top hand while he was putting, like there were at the Senior Open. Gee I wonder why?

I wonder if the Champions Tour asked the Golf Channel not to focus on the infraction of rule 14-1B anymore. After all if it isn’t their intent to anchor their putters. then they aren’t doing it right?

The enforcement of rule 14-1B, is one of the biggest jokes of all time. The lack of enforcement might have helped McCarron to bank another 400 thousand dollars this week.

We may never now what the intent was, and either will the people who are supposed to enforce the rules on the tour.

I can’t wait to see what kind of putter McCarron shows up at TPC Sawgrass with next year……

I leave you with this from Brandel Chamblee;

I’ve watched both Langer & McCarron demonstrate what they are intending to do, not anchor. Those are top 2. In competition bottom 2 .Same?


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  1. Tony

    Is it true that Golf Channel have approached Bernhard Langer in their search for a new anchor?

    • LG



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