Roger Goodell has been dropping the hammer on the people and the players that have been involved with the NFL Bounties.  The question is has The NFL and Goodell taken this way to far? Players that have been suspended today say they put money into a pot to inspire good play, these players say they never put money into a pot to hurt other players. This is the same thing former NFL players have said. The players I have talked to have stated “this is the NFL it is a brotherhood” we do not go out onto the field and try to change someones life by injuring them and taking them out of their livelihood.

Now guys like Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove, Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith have to pay a price for something that has been taking place in the NFL for years. Anthony Dorsett Jr. and I have talked in depth about this so called bounty-gate.  One has to wonder if Goodell is making a show out of this so it looks good for the courts. The NFL is in a legal battle over the way the League has handled the concussions players have suffered over the past so many years.

Could this be a smoke screen by Roger Goodell? Is Goodell making this bounty thing into a big deal so that when the NFL goes into court in the concussion battle the league looks caring? Watch the video and hear for yourself what this former 2 time super bowl appearing player has to say about NFL Bounties. Then you the reader can be the judge for your self.

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