The Denver Broncos are having a tough preseason, they took their second loss of the season being beat by the Seattle Seahawks, 40-10. That is scary enough, but watching their big defensive end Derek Wolfe being strapped to a backboard and taken away in an ambulance is another.

Wolfe was hit by Seattle’s fullback Michael Robinson who collided with Wolfe and appeared to compress his head and neck. Wolfe was initially out of the play because he was cut blocked by Luke Willson, it was when Wolfe was getting back up to get back into the play the collision took place with Robinson.

You just never know when you see a player’s head being compressed back the way it happened to Wolfe. It looked as though he could move his legs while he was on the ground but then all movement stopped.

It is the last thing you ever want to see on the football field. Wolfe’s CT scan came back negative which is a good thing, He will get the results of an MRI soon. The good news or should we say great news is that Wolfe was had movement in all of his extremities.

The team said Wolfe would ravel back to Denver on the team’s charter flight. At least he didn’t have to stay in the Hospital on the west coast. The Broncos took a beating both in the game and on the field. The Seahawks were the more physical team in the game.

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