The first mistake people made with Sam Bradford, was paying him with the last mega contract before the NFL owners adopted the new salary caps for new players. The second mistake people made with Bradford was to think he could led his team on the field.

One look at Bradford’s numbers from last night shows he is still struggling to find his way in the NFL. Bradford threw the ball 41 times and completed less than half of his throws. He threw for 202 yards and had an average per pass of 4.9 yards per attempt.

Those are terrible stats. Bradford comes away from the game with a QBR of 24.6. Lets face it, that sucks and the Rams suck with these kind of numbers coming from the guy who is suppose to be the leader.

The Rams fall to a record of 1-3 on the season. Head coach Jeff Fisher should have listened to Browns former quarterback in the preseason when he said the Rams receivers sucked. He was right. Had Fisher taken some advice from Kosar, he may have been able to fix some of the problems Kosar pointed out had he listened instead of getting pissed off about it.

Now that the Rams have competed 25% of the season, Fisher can now see his team’s receivers and the quarterback suck. Who should he be made at now?


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  1. Calvin

    As a Ram fan I will say this.This entire post of your shows me how you know nothing about football

    • LG

      Are you kidding me? Look how the rams played last night the offense was clicking and then they fell apart there was a time near the beginning when Bradford couldn’t miss then the whole thing falls apart. What kind of leadership is that?

  2. Calvin

    Glad you responded to my comment because I have a lot to say to you.I have been reading a lot of your writing and it has been full of venom.As far as Bradford is concerned,In the last two games he has been playing behind a lousy line with no running game and yet you think that has to do with leadership by the quarterback?That’s where I question your knowledge.

    • LG

      The Funny thing about people whose QB is not performing well, they always make excuses for the guy.


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