Dan Marino picked the Dolphins to go to the play offs, if he thinks Tannehill can take them there, perhaps Marino should give up his day gig and get down to Miami and help the youngster out. Tannehill continues to struggle and the Dolphins as a team aren’t playing very well. Last night Tannehill threw 2 interceptions and only 1 touchdown pass, he was sacked 3 times for 17 yards. He helped the Bills defense to look good in the game. The Dolphins don’t have much working for them now. The team needs to get refocused and  they have to protect their young quarterback if they expect the  kid to last.

Ryan Tannehill needs the Dolphins defense to step it up. The Dolphins can’t come from behind if they cannot protect their quarterback. There is too much pressure on Tannehill when the Dolphins are forced to pass on every down. Tannehills’ performance against the Buffalo Bills wasn’t good, he came away from the game with a 46.9 rating and with only 141 yards passing. Those kind of numbers aren’t going to take you too far in the NFL. The Dolphins are now 4-6 and continue to show the team still needs work. They looked good early on but those days seem to be over. Some are saying the Phins are done, I think they can turn things around if they can get a total team effort. As far as making the play-offs and seeing Marino’s early season prediction come true, I don’t think so. Not this season anyway…

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