The Miami Dolphins needed a good starting quarterback this year, so they drafted Ryan Tannehill and in his first NFL preseason game Tannehill showed signs of promise. Since, the Dolphins and Tannehill have struggled.  The Dolphins need a better offensive linemen, they tried to bring former Cleveland Browns lineman Eric Steinbach onto the Dolphins team to help the situation. Steinbach has since retired, he just couldn’t get his body to do the things his mind knew he had to do to make a solid impact at protecting Ryan Tannehill.

Ryan Tannehill and his new Dolphins team had a tough time with the Atlanta Falcons. Tannehill only went 11 of 27 for 112 yards and threw one interception. The Dolphins failed to find the end-zone with the passing game or their rushing game. Ryan Tannehill was the second leading rusher for the Dolphins in the game rushing for 20 yards as he was running for his life. For the Dolphins and head coach Joe Philbin, it looks like it is back to the drawing board to find a way to protect their new young quarterback….The Dolphins have to find a way to win this season.  After being beat 23-6 by the Falcons, it looks like the Dolphins have their work cut out for them…

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  1. sportsbaron1

    In the Dolphins’ haste to anoint strong-armed Ryan Tannehill as the next Dan Marino they apparently forgot that he’ll also need Dan’s brain…

    Santa Monica

  2. michael mcbride

    The Dolphins can learn a lot from the Redskins who was determine to solve their quarterback problem. Ryan is decent, but the Dolphins just need too much help.

  3. Lenny

    How the O-Line plays is how it’s going to go this year. Too many lineman being pushed around like Pee Wee players verses College players. Watch the tapes, you guys should be embarrased. Get in the weight room and work! Too many guys standing around after the play as the Qtr back is manhandled to the ground. No passing lanes, no holes to run through, just sad. Please get some pride and work on blocking and pushing, not being pushed around like a little kid. Defense needs to tackle better too, learn how to finish the tackle and wrap up. Recievers need to practice more, never seen so many missed balls. Work on fundamentals more. Protect the ballhandler, get a push at the snap. Bottom line is, if you want to win, it’s all on the shoulders of the offensive line. Most fans watch the ball, I watch the battle on the line. Check it out, it’s all you baby.


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