The Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said coming into the 2013 NFL season, Ryan Tannehill would be the NFL’s most improved quarterback. Sherman’s premonition looks to be true after game one.

Tannehill faced a bunch of pressure in Cleveland,a and he kept his cool and figured out a way to beat the Browns. He completed 24 of the 38 passes he threw for 272 yards and a touchdown while only throwing one interception. His counterpart had 3 interceptions in the game.

Tannehill’s arm had to get the job done against a tough Browns defense that held the Dolphins rushing game to just 20 yards. The Dolphins had to be surprised by the way Tannehill was able to stand in the pocket and pick the Browns front 7 apart.

Every time the Dolphins needed Tannehill to make a play he did so. The guy was unflappable in his sophomore debut. If he can continue to show the poise that he showed today, the Dolphins may just have their franchise QB.

He out-shinned the competition in Cleveland today and he brought the Dolphins a win. He just might make Sherman look like the smartest man in all of football by the end of this season if he can play each game the way he played in the opener. The Dolphins are now 1-0 on the season and a lot of the credit has to be given to Tannehill.

He played smart, he played patient and he took what the defense would give him. He played one hell of a good game….


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