Jimmie Johnson was the 11th car to qualify for the Brickyard 400 and he took the pole position and was able to hold onto it for about 1-1/2 hours. That is when Ryan Newman the very last guy to go out a try to take the pole position away from Johnson was able to do it.

Newman ran one heck of a great lap and he just took the pole away from Johnson. He ran though turns 3 & 4 at a higher speed that allowed him to exit turn 4 and head the front strait a way with enough speed to take the Pole for the Brickyard 400 and the first pit position as well.

The pit position may prove to be even bigger for Newman then the pole position. Being able to get out of the pits quicker than anyone else can gain a driver valuable spots on the race track. Newman edged Johnson by just 24 one thousands of a second. That comes down to about 6-1/2 feet on the 2-1/2 mile oval at Indy.

Newman was greeted in the pits by his father who looked to have tears in his eyes and Jimmie Johnson who congratulated him on his great qualifying run around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  It was one heck of a good run and Johnson knew that Newman was a guy who could steel the pole away from him.

Newman always qualifies good.

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