Russian freestyle Skier Maria Komissarova, has suffered a serious injury during a crash in a training run. The 23-year-old was rushed by doctors into surgery to try and repair her fractured spine with a dislocation.

Komissarova was immediately transported to Moscow, and the operation would be carried out at Krasnaya Polyana hospital. It is clear Komissarova won’t be taking part in any further Olympic activity.

Komissarova’s crash, marks the first major injury at these Olympic games. No one likes to see any athlete suffer an injury, especially an injury as serious as this.

When interviewed, Olympic ski champion Jean-Claude Killy siad; “It happens… it can happen everywhere. I’ve been in this business for many years, it happens. We are very sorry about it … we hate accidents at the Games.”

Killy also said; “I have been to the hospital myself a couple of times, so I know it can happen.”

He went on to say; “Spine injury is very serious, that’s an accident that happened because of a bad fall. We are sorry to hear about it.”

Komissarova’s accident comes two days after a track worker was struck by an out of control bobsleigh, he suffered 2 broken legs.

Komissarova’s injury is by far the most serious one in these Olympic game and our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her entire family. Suffering this kind of injury to the spine can have very serious ramifications and we wish her the best and hope for a full recovery.



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