Some one on the Seattle Seahawks sidelines today, had to be checking to see if the team’s defibrillator was fully charged. Russell Wilson out performed Cam Newton 3 fold in the game expect for one category.

Touchdowns. Wilson threw for 320 yards but only one touchdown. He completed 25 of the 33 passes he attempted and had only one touchdown to show for his efforts. The Seahawks got the win over Newton and the Carolina Panthers 12-7, bu this couldn’t have been the desired effect.

The Seahawks were the favorite coming into the game and they did escape with the win. This type of performance wouldn’t have worked against other NFL team’s and Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll have to know that.

The end result was a win and we should be criticizing Wilson’s performance too much. After all, he didn’t make any mistakes by throwing interceptions and he did handle the ball well throughout the game.

The thing is this game was much closer than many thought it would be and for the Seahawks fans that wanted to see complete domination, they have to feel a bit disappointed. On the Other hand just think how disappointed they would feel if the score was reversed.

I guess in the end the Seahawks accomplished what they wanted too, but Pete Carroll and his quarterback have to be feeling a little pressure after seeing the results today.


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  1. Seahawksfan99

    Sure, we would have liked to see a blowout. Sure, we would have liked to see Lynch have more yards. Make no mistake, Luke Kuekly (sorry for the spelling) is the best MLB in the NFL and Carolina’s front 7 are as good as anyone’s. Games are won in the fourth quarter and the Seahawks took the lead and then ran out the last 5-min of the game. That’s what great teams do. Don’t be a stat whore. Look at Detroit last year. Stafford throws for 5k yards but the mustered 4 wins. It isn’t about stats.

  2. seahawkhawk

    Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything

  3. drrl

    The problem was not Wilson, but the O-line. If they struggle opening holes for a premiere running back and protecting an emerging star passer, and worsen things through penalties, of course the offense will struggle. Yes, I’m not real happy with the offensive production, but it’s not on RW.

    • Anonymous

      What i was saying is through adversity are skills sharpened and fire cleanses the metal from impurities so bring on fire close games adversity

  4. steve

    True hawks fans know that we never play well on opening day, this game was exactly what I thought would happen.

    • Rob

      Very true Steve.

  5. Gtran

    I would say the Panthers tried to show the world that they are also as good as any NFL SB contender. That was why they played their hearts out against the Seahawks. I really like Coach PC’s sportsmanship and strategy by kneeling down to end the game in order to keep everyone healthy for next week divisional rivalry game with SF. As long as Seahawks win on-the-road game, it will give them a lot of momentum. A breath-holding game for me yesterday and I had big relief as soon as I saw ET punched to the ball out of the Panther running back (I believe Williams) and all Seahawks defenders (especially RS jumped to it immediately) were really alert with the ball and TM recovered it to seal a W for Seahawks. Go Hawks!

  6. DAD

    It’s a real win, not fantasy stats.

  7. Scott Wharton

    What are they talking about. Get the running game going and they will and the Seahawks will be Golden

    • Anonymous

      A road in the NFL Shoot I’ll celebrate go hawks

  8. SeahawksFAN12

    Can we please get someone who can write an article without typo’s and bad grammar? This write up is just horrible. – So yah Hawks didn’t win in a blowout fashion but a W is a W especially on the road. This Panther team had a top 10 defense last season and this was the home opener for 2013 so they were up for it. I have no worries whatsoever, next Sunday there will be no Kaepernick’ing at the CLINK. #gohawks

    • LG

      Would you like to write some Seahawks articles?

  9. Jim

    Come on. Anyone who knows anything knew that Carolina as a really good run D and that the Hawks run game looked suspect in the preseason. Surprised we didn’t test the outside deep earlier and more often, it is Carolina’s weakest part of their D, as the two long ones to Kearse and Williams showed. Not good play calling from that standpoint.

  10. Russ

    Seriously? This article is ridiculous. The Seahawks went up against what is for sure a top 10 defense, and may even finish in the top 5 by the end of the year if the Panthers keep playing like that. The front seven were creating havoc and chaos up front, and operated the exact same way the ‘Hawks defense does, bend but don’t break. The Seahawks “D” did their job and kept the team in it, and Wilson and crew weathered the storm and a hell of a defense to pull out the W.

    Seriously, busting their chops over a win is like looking a gift horse in the mouth, foolish and quite moronic in the grand scheme of things.

    Go Hawks!

    • LG

      Well what is going to happen when they go up against the 49ers defense? That is the point of this article….The Seahawks are a great team but they are going to need to find a way to score more points….

      • Anonymous

        LG says:
        “What is going to happen when they go up against the 49ers defense?”
        Yea, what happened last time we hosted the 49ers? 42-13 was it?

  11. Jason Martin

    ROAD WIN? how many total did we have last year the year before anyone remember the scores of any of them NICE tune up Hawks work on Blocking schemes The BEAST will go off were fine


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