Some one on the Seattle Seahawks sidelines today, had to be checking to see if the team’s defibrillator was fully charged. Russell Wilson out performed Cam Newton 3 fold in the game expect for one category.

Touchdowns. Wilson threw for 320 yards but only one touchdown. He completed 25 of the 33 passes he attempted and had only one touchdown to show for his efforts. The Seahawks got the win over Newton and the Carolina Panthers 12-7, bu this couldn’t have been the desired effect.

The Seahawks were the favorite coming into the game and they did escape with the win. This type of performance wouldn’t have worked against other NFL team’s and Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll have to know that.

The end result was a win and we should be criticizing Wilson’s performance too much. After all, he didn’t make any mistakes by throwing interceptions and he did handle the ball well throughout the game.

The thing is this game was much closer than many thought it would be and for the Seahawks fans that wanted to see complete domination, they have to feel a bit disappointed. On the Other hand just think how disappointed they would feel if the score was reversed.

I guess in the end the Seahawks accomplished what they wanted too, but Pete Carroll and his quarterback have to be feeling a little pressure after seeing the results today.


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