Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks were lucky to come away with a win over the Rams. It was one of the most physical games the Seahawks have played since Wilson has been their quarterback.

There was a time during the game when even Jon Gruden was concerned with Wilson’s health. He was sacked 7 times and there was a complete breakdown with the Seahawks offensive line.

Pete Carroll has made the statement several times this season about his offensive line needing to play better and the team is going to have to do something to help these guys do their jobs.

Wilson could only complete 10 passes in the game, but he had 2 touchdowns and that was enough to get his Seahawks a win. The team is now 7-1 and Wilson will be feeling the effects of this game for a while.

He is one tough kid and it is good to see him to be able to take this kind of physical beating and still be able to bring home a win. Not many guys could deal with the breakdown the Seahawks offensive line had in this game.

They have to do a better job protecting Wilson or the team will be shopping for a new quarterback sooner than they want too.




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