The Seattle Seahawks are among one of the 3 teams favored to get to the Super Bowl this season. What a name Wilson has made for himself in his rookie year. Wilson did a fantastic job and people are already comparing him to a Tom Brady because of where he was drafted.

Last season Wilson took his team to the play-offs, this season it seems like the people who set the odds expect him to have a better season. Wilson threw for 3,118 yards in his rookie season and he rushed for 489 yards. This makes him a dual threat in the NFL, he is among the leagues best new style quarterbacks.

The Seahawks have a great team coming into the 2013 season and Wilson is clearly the team’s leader. He has a way of getting things done and I expect a stronger performance this season seeing how he was less than satisfied losing in the play-offs last year.

If Wilson can continue to do the things he was doing last season and he stays healthy, the Seahawks will be a team to deal with in 2013. If he plays as well in his second year he may just take the Seahawks to the big dance. Only time will tell but for the Seahawks to be included in Super Bowl talk before camp even starts it shows they are gaining a ton of respect in the NFL.

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