The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is rumored to have had serious words with his receiver Mike Wallace after the teams win over the Bengals. Sources reported that Ben Roethlisberger was disappointed with the way Mike Wallace played Sunday night. Wallace had a tough go of it dropping 4 passes he should have caught. You may remember Wallace was a hold out this season wanting to get a contract similar to the same kind of money Larry Fitzgerald makes. Maybe missing all those practices with the Steelers hurt Wallace this season.

Ben Roethlisberger has a right to be upset with the play of Wallace. The Steelers have had trouble winning this season and when the receivers are hit right in the hands with the ball the Pittsburgh quarterback expects them to catch it. Pittsburgh is now 3-3 on the season with the win over the Bengals, it was the Steelers first win on the road this year. It would be interesting to know exactly what Roethlisberger said to Wallace after the Bengals game. If the reports is true, Roethlisberger did what any great team leader would do, he took his guy aside and probably tried to inspire him to stay focused.

Hey Pittsburgh Fans give us your opinions, do you think Roethlisberger really did take Wallace aside and talk to him? If so what would he have said to him? Juts leave your comments below…..


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  1. Pete Johnson

    Someone should have had words with Wallace they need to tell him he gets paid to catch the ball so start doing your job….

  2. bam bam

    we’ll show u d money u show us u can catch d ball.larry can catch how about u.

  3. dana parkhurst

    I would have reminded him why he held out. if you think you are so needed, you must prove yourself this season cause the way you played made you MVP for the opposing team Sunday night. but that wouldn’t get you signed with them either next year. Wallace is a great player but the worst thing that can happen to a player is when his helmet no longer fits. I think Ben learned that off the field as did Holmes. And as great as Holmes is look at his lack of success with the JETS. same thing happened with Donovan and Kordell Stewart when they went to other teams, I do think it was great of the Steelers organisation to allow Kordell Stewart to resign with them so he could retire as a Steeler. Its the entire team cohesiveness that allows individual standouts so no matter your talents. don’y forget its your team effort that allows you to shine individually.

  4. Anonymous

    i belive ben did, and it was the right thing for him to do!!!

  5. john hollewa

    Don’t make that big of a deal out of one bad game. Sure the young receiver feels bad enough with out harsh words of fans. The same ones who probably love when he catches the long bomb for a touch down. Sure Ben just help him to relax and just focuse alittle more. No cause for panic. Really like the kid and what he’s done so far and so should the steeler fans.

    • Anonymous


  6. earl graves

    stop dropping the ball doe doe

  7. Danljustin

    He should say, ” If you want to get paid like Larry Fitzgerald, you better start playing like him.”

    • LG

      You are absolutely right!!!

  8. william foster

    Theres a lot of players who might drop a game,here or there.But when you start talking play to the money you’re making.Lets start with Ben.


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