When the Denver Broncos lost in the play-offs last season, it wasn’t because of their offense. It was because the defense couldn’t stop the passing attack of Flacco and the Ravens. Now rumors are coming out saying, that John Elway thinks his Broncos are on running-back away from having a great offense. He struck gold in the off-season signing Wes Welker to give Manning another target to throw to.

The Broncos can have all the offensive weapons they want, unless they build a better defensive secondary, they aren’t going to be able to stop play-off teams from scoring on them. It was the Broncos defensive secondary that let the team down in the play-offs, not the offense.

Elway is thinking like a quarterback this off-season. He wants to have an offense that can dominate the games and put plenty of points on the board. He is ignoring the reason his Broncos were eliminated in the play-offs. It was the Broncos lack of a shut down defensive secondary.

Elway has to notice his team is in need of some defensive help. His Broncos scored 35 points in the play-offs and that should have been enough to win the game. His defensive secondary let the team down.

If Elway expects his Broncos to get to the next level, he better start thinking about his defensive secondary. He better think about replacing Champ Bailey too. At 34-years-old, he has lost a step.



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