When the Denver Broncos lost in the play-offs last season, it wasn’t because of their offense. It was because the defense couldn’t stop the passing attack of Flacco and the Ravens. Now rumors are coming out saying, that John Elway thinks his Broncos are on running-back away from having a great offense. He struck gold in the off-season signing Wes Welker to give Manning another target to throw to.

The Broncos can have all the offensive weapons they want, unless they build a better defensive secondary, they aren’t going to be able to stop play-off teams from scoring on them. It was the Broncos defensive secondary that let the team down in the play-offs, not the offense.

Elway is thinking like a quarterback this off-season. He wants to have an offense that can dominate the games and put plenty of points on the board. He is ignoring the reason his Broncos were eliminated in the play-offs. It was the Broncos lack of a shut down defensive secondary.

Elway has to notice his team is in need of some defensive help. His Broncos scored 35 points in the play-offs and that should have been enough to win the game. His defensive secondary let the team down.

If Elway expects his Broncos to get to the next level, he better start thinking about his defensive secondary. He better think about replacing Champ Bailey too. At 34-years-old, he has lost a step.



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  1. Holland

    The O only put up 21 points. and we couldn’t pick up firstdowns when we should have onthird and short that could have iced the game .It was a team that lost not just the DB’s

    • Anonymous

      Lets not forget the coaching and knowing what did not work the running game and use what did the passing game.

  2. Chris

    It was also the lack of a running game that cost them. Not being able to run out the clock. Not able to get first downs on short 3rd downs. Those were just as damaging.

  3. Brian

    I can always tell someone who writes about Football and has never played a down. Pass defense starts at the Pass RUSH. The less time the QB has to throw the ball the harder it is to complete passes and the easier it is to defend. Yes the DB’s made a few mistakes, But the pass rush was non existent in that game. The Broncos had no push up the middle. Dumervil and Miller were double teamed. Now that We have lost Dumervil the pass rush is gone. Cornerback needs to addressed NEXT year. The pass Rush and Running back need to be addressed this year.

    • LG

      Brian, yes I agree, but you can protect against a good pass rush with a good O-line. That is what the Ravens did. This is why they need a good secondary to defend against the pass. Good teams can protect their QB.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t care how good your O-line is. when everyone has to man up and can’t double team you will get pressure on the QB. Next is to blitz a Linebacker. Remember, the QB can not block for himself. You can always have one extra rusher for every offensive pass protector. Pass defense starts at the pass rush.

  4. Anonymous

    I can always tell when the writer who writes about football has never played a down. Pass defense starts at the pass RUSH. Denver had NO push up the middle to free up Dumervil and Miller In that game against Baltimore, watch how many times our edge pass rushers were double teamed. Now that we have lost Dumervil, our pass rush will be much less than last year. The less time the QB has to make reads the easier it is for the DB’s to do their job. The first overall pick for Denver will need to be Defensive end. Find the best pass rusher. Next, YOU MUST HAVE A RUNNING GAME. You can not pass effectively if you can not run the ball. Denver needs to go running back in round 2. Your 3rd round pick will be a very capable corner. I think Champ has a few good years left in the tank. D-tackle is also a need.

  5. Brian in Colorado

    John is not “thinking like a quarterback”, despite the nonsense written in this column above. He doesn’t need some half-wit writer to tell him how to run the team. He is well aware of every strength and every weakness of the Denver Broncos football team and will do a better job than most to improve the team

  6. Ron

    A couple of thoughts; 1) Rumors mean nothing. Partiulcarly at this time of year. 2) Last I saw the Broncos had more than one pick in the upcomming draft

  7. Mike Anderson

    HEY NUMBSKULL…. YEAH YOU, THE IDIOT WRITER… look at my avatar, ya see that Bronco logo? That tells you I’m a Bronco fan AND unlike you I WATCH THE GAMES!!! Champ got burned 2 times in that game – one time it was a simple mistake – ANYONE COULD OF MADE… the other time, he had position and I’ve never seen Champ screw up like he did – all he had to do was stop and the WR wouldn’t have been able to get to the ball. Other than those two plays NUMBSKULL, you tell me when Champ screw up at all – ALL SEASON!!!
    Was Flaco really good in that game? NO! He beat Denver or I should say, Denver beat themselves because they underestimated where the endzone was … Baltimore never should of won that game – SO WHY DID THEY???
    YOU SAY: it’s because of our Defense.
    ELWAY SAYS: Running Back
    Who do you think is right Writer??? Do you even know who was Denver’s RB that game? I didn’t think so… it wasn’t our starter – NOPE… it was a little bit of our second string til Moreno got hurt – WHAT??? OUR SECOND STRING RB GOT HURT??? YEAH, NUMBSKULL.
    SO WHO WAS OUR RB??? Hillman…. and isn’t he the youngest player in the NFL? and he can’t block and he can’t bulldoze – hmmm… so, what I’m saying and what Elway is saying, IF Moreno didn’t get hurt, the game wouldn’t have been close – was it close earlier in the month when Denver was in Baltimore??? NOT EVEN = But why… Moreno played that game and as a matter of fact, he hurdled over Reed and it made the highlights, remember???
    You know what’s funny NUMBSKULL??? if Elway would of kept Tebow on the team, he could of filled in a hell of a lot better than Hilman – THINK ABOUT IT the next time you write – Tebow needs some support and you writers are killing the man.
    THE DRAFT???
    all writers are saying we are going for a Defensive Back…. hell, look at all the Mock Drafts, are any RB going before Denver picks? NONE – if ya go by the guesses so guess what, Denver gets to pick the cream of the crop and you don’t think Elway should pick a RB – Start watching football – you’ll learn something – FOOL!!!
    Did Flaco deserve an “Elite” paycheck? no, not at all… durring the off season Baltimore lost a lot of player on Defense…. So when you put last year behind us, everybody is gonna be gunning for Baltimore… they lost half their Defense. Flaco got a BIG Pay raise = and here is the funny thing, Baltimore will be lucky to reach 500…. ya think the owner is gonna be happy that Flaco isn’t what he thought he was – lol… so, even though Denver screwed up, we hurt that team for the future – I’m love’n it… with all that money tied up in a so so QB, they aren’t gonna have money to take care of other areas – Baltimore is done…. Partriots? Denver took Brady’s number one target away when he needs someone – the Patriots are gonna fall too.
    DAMN… it just dawned on me, I’m writing this, and you’re gonna save it and say you wrote it later = because obviously, you didn’t watch Denver play Baltimore in the Playoffs, you couldn’t have….. you saw the highlight reel where it looks like Flaco can throw against Denver – lol…. those were HAIL MARY, DESPERATION PASSES = LOL…. if you would of watched the game, you’d know if Denver had another punishing RB healthy and playing – Batimore would of never made it.

    Here is a tip for you, PAY ATTENTION… Who is gonna be in the SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR? ….let me give you a hint, the season hasn’t even started and the two teams I say will be in the SUPERBOWL were practicing together this last week…. well, not the whole team – but a handful of both teams.
    It’s gonna be DENVER VS NY GIANTS…Yeah, it’s wishful thinking, but they are favored – it’s gonna happen – but, if Elway listens to NUMBSKULLS LIKE YOU, he’d pick something other than a RB – lol Do your fans a favor, DON’T WRITE SOMETHING UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT.

    • LG

      Thanks for the comment. Here is some advice for you. Improve the Denver secondary to stop the other teams and make it past one game in the play offs.


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