The Pacers star center is being fined $75,000.00 for using the term “Homo” in his post game press conference following game 6 of the NBA play-offs. That is $60,000.00 dollars more than the three guys combined were fined last week for flopping.

Stern is an IDIOT, what kind of message is he sending? It is OK to go in the game and break the rules the NBA set forward to influence the out come of a game, but use the wrong word in a post game press conference and you better watch out.

Stern has to be kidding us. $75,000.00 is a lot of money for someone who just used one word the NBA or the world doesn’t find appropriate. There is something terribly wrong with he way Stern sets these fines up.

While I agree Hibbert shouldn’t have used the term “Homo” in his press conference following game 6, I thing #$75,000.00 is a little steep for just using the wrong word. Justice in the NBA needs to be examined.

Stern shouldn’t be allowed to set such a step fine for someone who said one thing out of line. Is Stern really pissed off because his dream team the heat lost the game? Now he is taking it out on Hibbert.

Even though Hibbert came out and said he was sorry today, Stern made it known the fine still stands at $75,000.00

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