We all knew the worlds number one player Rory McIlroy was having some problems this season, but we didn’t think the new clubs would  force him to quit playing in the middle of a round. Today that is exactly what happened, except it wasn’t due to the change in equipment. Or maybe it was. Siting no physical ailment McIlroy just walked off the course. He quit the tournament. McIlroy waas paired up with Mark Wilson and Ernie Els, the next thing they knew he was shaking their hands and then he turned away and just walked off the course at PGA National, got in his car and drove off.

McIlroy hit two shots into the water at 16  making triple bogey on the hole. He started on the back nine and never finished 9 holes. Reports say McIlroy was near tears as his caddy loaded the clubs into the car for the trip home. He was 6 over for his round at the time he decided to leave the course. When he was confronted in the parking lot by a small group of reporters he said; “I’m not in a good place mentally, you know?”

Changing equipment may have something to do with his play this season.  Not being in a good place mentally could be a direct effect of the change in clubs. What ever is bothering the 23-year-old golfer, lets hope he can get it fixed before the season first major in a little over a month. The Masters



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  1. tigress

    He quit because he was 6 over? He was in a bad place mentally, did he have a falling out with his girlfriend? We all know what can happen when a female is in the picture. Ask Tiger he can tell you what happens.


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