By Larry GLicken

Rory McIlroy and Tiger woods played head on today as they teed off in the same group in the back nine this afternoon. Both Woods and McIlroy made the turn at 4 under par. There was a short period of time when it looked like Woods would come out in this pairing beating McIlroy by a stroke or two. It didn’t happen, McIlroy did what he has done the past few weeks and gained his composure and beat Woods by 1 stroke to finish his day tied for the lead with 3 others at 8 under par.

Today the tour put together a group with the best of the best, just think Tiger Woods the old power player on the PGA Tour and the new power player on the tour Rory McIlroy. Face it people we are starting to see the changing of the guard, McIlroy has the makings of the new generation of PGA tour players. The guy is not fazed by anything out there while he is playing including Tiger Woods whose presence on the leader board just a few years ago had others looking behind them through every hole they would play.

Those days are gone, today there is a new generation of golfer on the tour. These young guns know they are playing for a boat load of money week in and week out and they are not afraid to win. Guys like Rory McIlroy hit the ball far, they putt well and they find a way to win. Yes sir there is a new generation of golfer out there on the tour and guys like Tiger Woods just don’t rattle them the way they use too.

If McIlroy can somehow find a way to win this week, he will demonstrate that he has the making to surpass the accomplishments of Tiger Woods. If McIlroy wins this week the changing of the guard has already taken place. Yes, there is a ton of golf remaining to be played in the BMW Championship, but come Sunday afternoon we may see an accomplishment we would only expect from a Tiger Woods caliber player. Rory McIlroy could very well fit into that description….

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