Ryan Tannehill had one of the better showings for a rookie quarterback making the transition into the NFL. Tannehill threw the ball a total of 21 times and completed 14 of those passes for 167 yards and 1 touchdown. He looked like his was comfortable in the game and seems like a solid pick for the Dolphins. Miami now needs their defense to step it up, the Dolphins defense was ranked 15th last year in total defense. The Dolphins defense gave up an average of 345.1 yards a game in 2011. Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you could see the Miami defense and their special teams still need to tighten up.

I hope the Dolphins can play batter defense this season, they now look like they have a young quarterback that is able to compete in the NFL and they can build around Tannehill. When it comes to passing yards the Miami defense fell all the way down to 25th in 2011. While stopping the run in 2011 had them ranked as high as 3rd in 2011, that stat could be deceiving because of how poor they were against the pass.

If Tannehill will improve the Dolphins, he is going to need some help on the other side of the ball. I like what I am seeing from Tannehill so far.He is going to help this Dolphins team win if he can get them to play better defense….

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  1. mike mcbride

    Since the dolphins didn’t go after RG3 I was hoping they would get some pass rusher after Ryan. Oh, well better brains next draft.

  2. frank kensinger

    this nrw quarter back he might surprise you i have always liked the dolphins i hope they turn things around the fans they deserve better than what they have gotten frank


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