Here we go again, another miserable prime time performance by Tony Romo who is suppose to get it done for Dallas. After all, Jerry Jones pays him enough money to be something he is not, an elite quarterback.

Sure, Cowboys fans can start making all kinds of excuses for Romo’s lack of effort, they will always blame it on the Cowboys defense who can’t help how bad they suck. The point he is, great quarterbacks find a way to get it done.

This isn’t the case of Tony Romo. The Cowboys placed him in the group of elite quarterbacks with the ridiculous sum of money they gave him in his contract extension. Romo has done nothing to deserve this.

He can’t match his opponents offensive production and he fails to perform well when he is in the National spotlight. You can make all the excuses you want Cowboys fans,, have a look at Romo’s QBR when he has played in prime time games this season, he sucks.

The Cowboys made a huge mistake paying Romo the kind of money they place on the table and they are going to regret it if they don’t already.  Jones made this mistake, now it is up to him to fix it. Romo was completely out dueled in Chicago last night by the Bears quarterback and the fans in Dallas deserve a guy who can perform in the big games.

Thanks to Romo’s lack of production the Cowboys are now a full game behind the Eagles in the NFC East. The way Romo chokes under pressure, he is going to be hard pressed to beat Philadelphia when they meet them in the last week of the season.


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