Tony Romo continues to prove his critics right. He can’t win the big game. He was completely out-classed by Matthew Stafford in Detroit. Romo should be giving back half his money, because of his continued half heart-ed performances.

The Cowboys should have gotten a new quarterback years ago. Romo is a disgrace to the uniform. What once was America’s team is now a team labeled with the guy that can’t win the big games.

The Cowboys paid this guy a boat load of money and made a big mistake doing so. he can’t control his game and he makes the same bone-headed mistakes he has made for years.

Romo knew the game against the Lions was going to be an aerial shoot out and he comes away throwing for only 206 yards. This is a joke when you see Stafford threw for 488 yards.

Could you imagine if the Cowboys had a quarterback as good as Stafford? The team would have probably won 2 super-bowls. This is something that isn’t going to happen with Romo as the quarterback.

He seems to sit back and relax while he is playing. He needs to turn up the volume of his play and times and he can’t seem to do this.

The only good game Romo had this year was against the Broncos and he threw that away with a last minute interception that cost the Cowboys a win.

The Dallas Cowboys have to get rid of Tony Romo. He isn’t the guy to take the team where they want to go. Romo is a choker and he isn’t going to change. This Cowboys team should be a lot better than .500. But this is what you get with a Tony Romo leading the way.



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  1. jaso

    Defense force 4 turnovers n been on the field all game cuz of tony romo going 4 and out!! Dumbasses dnt watch the game

  2. LG

    Hey each time Dallas faces a team with a great QB the defense does this. Romo should have thrown more you’re right bit they can’t trust him too.


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