The Dallas Cowboys have to come out of the gates this Sunday quickly. This season Romo has had to play from behind too many times. The Cowboys defense will be faced with the argues task of stopping RGIII. Most teams in the NFL this season has found that task to be UN-manageable.  RGIII comes at you like a running back that can throw pin-point passes. If the Cowboys defense can bring the pressure to the Redskins things could become interesting, lets face it the Cowboys defense hasn’t done the greatest job pressuring the opposing teams quarterback this season. Look how they could get to Brandon Weeden when the Browns played the Cowboys.

Weeden is one of the least mobile quarterbacks in the NFL and the Cowboys couldn’t get to him. Facing RGIII who can run like the wind is going to bring a challenge to the Cowboys they aren’t used to seeing. The Cowboys have to win this game. There is no other outcome that can be acceptable to Cowboys fans. Tony Romo has to take control of this game and he is going to have to keep the Redskins offense off the field.

If Romo can keep his Cowboys offense in the game by controlling the pace of play, he will be giving his defense the chance to stay rested, and rested is what this Cowboys defense will need to contend with stopping RGIII.


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