These professional Athletes never learn. Todd Helton the star first baseman for the Colorado Rockies should have called for a cab to take him home. Instead he decides to drive and gets into trouble with the police. Now he wants to tell us how sorry he is for driving drunk. With spring training for the Rockies scheduled to start February 10th, you can bet Helton will be missing time. After playing for 16 years in the MLB, he should be leading by example, instead he is in a position to be made an example of.

The courts should start giving these high-profile athletes the same kind of jail time that the average person gets. Maybe if they treated these guys like everyone else these guys would stop this king of behavior. If you look at Helton’s mug shot it is easy  to see the guy is way over the legal limit for driving. How many other time  has he driven drunk and gotten away with it?

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