RGIII may have sprain his knee in the Ravens game but Robert Griffin Jr. says his son RGIII will play in Cleveland this Sunday. He doesn’t care what some Orthopedic Surgeon says who didn’t even look at his son. Griffin III is going to be ready to play in Cleveland and this is not the news the Cleveland Browns wanted to hear. The Browns defense will now have to figure out a way to contain the ever illusive Redskins rookie quarterback who has more rushing yards this season than  some teams starting running backs.

The Browns are hoping the knee sprain slows down the Redskins biggest threat, Cleveland has had a difficult time stopping the runs over the past couple seasons and to try and contain RGIII is no easy task. With the knee injury maybe Griffin will be slowed down a little. The Browns are hoping that will be the case. Griffin has 748 rushing yards already this season and a 8.6 yards per carry average. Now that his knee is injured the Browns are hoping they won’t have to chase RGIII for 4 quarters on Sunday.

If the Redskins quarterback has to stand in the pocket and pass does this give the Browns a better chance to win the game? It is difficult to say what kind of impact RGIII’s knee injury will have on the quarterbacks mobility. If he has to wear a brace on the knee this could slow him down a bit. Griffin III can still hurt you with his arm. Just because his knee is injured you cannot count him out. This guy can hurt you with only one good leg and the Cleveland Browns know that. The Redskins are coming into Cleveland this Sunday with a 7-6 record on the season, they will be looking for a win to keep their chances of post season play alive. You can bet RGIII will be ready for this one….



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