By Alyssa Noe

Giant’s defensive end Osi Umenyiora wasn’t afraid about calling out Robert Griffin III this past summer. “Who is this RG3 guy you guys keep talking about? You talking about Bob Griffin? You guys are giving him a cool nickname already and everything.” Once the 2013 season started though, Umenyiora was quick to retract his statements. “Yes. I will call him RG3.”

So who is this guy anyways? RG3 that is. Why is he causing such a stir in the NFL? There have been plenty of rookie QB’s that turned heads their first season. Guys like Fran Tarkenton, Greg Cook, Joe Namath, and the list keeps going.

So what’s so special about this guy? Well with a 70.4 completion percentage, 1,778 passing yards, and 476 rushing yards in only 8 short games, he’s giving us something to talk about. But that’s not what I think is so special about this guy, not at all. I think Robert Griffin III is setting a new standard for up and coming quarterbacks. I believe he’s changing the position.

This guy isn’t just a phenomenal passer in the pocket that can pick up yards and get third downs. He’s so much more than that. RG3 harbors strengths from all different positions on the field. He can throw with supreme accuracy, especially out of the pocket with pressure. He can juke out any defensive linemen, bee lining towards him with confidence in his stride. The way this guy runs is absolutely stunning. From the precision of his speed to the angle he decides to turn; it’s always, always, always, dead on.

He’s a smart player too, knows what to call and when to call it. He’s not afraid to audible, or lead a group of guys that have been in the league far longer then he has. He possesses knowledge way beyond his rookie status.

The NFL is forever changing and I truly believe RG3 is pushing the game towards a different path. Young QB’s won’t be able to attract attention with accurate long balls, high passing yards or a respectable record alone. Kids are going to be working on drills from all different aspects of the field to become well-rounded offensive players and that’s what I think this guy is doing. He’s turning the quarterback’s role into so much more than what we know today.

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