The Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan had his second tough game in a row. The Cowboys defense had their hands full and then some trying to slow down Robert Griffin III. The Cowboys defense has been beaten up pretty bad this season. The Cowboys gave up 38 points to the Redskins and watched as RGIII picked apart the Dallas secondary. They could stop him from passing for 4 touchdowns once again proving the Dallas secondary isn’t as god as they thought it would be with the addition of corner-back Morris Claiborne.

The Cowboys also watched as RGIII ran for 29 yards. The Cowboys tried to keep pressure on Griffin sacking him 4 times but it didn’t seem to take him out of his tempo. Dallas needs to find a way to compete in these tough games. They continue to struggle trying to come from behind after the defense fails to stop their opponents. Rob Ryan needs to come up with a better game plan for the teams reaming 5 games. If the Cowboys are going to take their game into post season play they need to get their defense to play better.

The Cowboys could be suffering from not having enough talent to play better defense. The team just isn’t dominating in the secondary and teams don’t fear throwing the ball down field. RGIII threw for 311 yards and had a 11.1 yard average. That is way too much for the Cowboys to be giving away. Ryan is not getting the job done and he could soon find himself in the unemployment line if this kind of play continues……

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