By Larry GLicken

The Detroit Tigers are having a perfect start to the 2014 season. The Tigers haven’t lost a game yet and are now 4-0 after a great start by Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello.

Porcello pitched 6-2/3′s innings and only gave up 3 hits and 1 run against the Baltimore Orioles. The Tigers pitching staff has been better than good, over the past 3 seasons.

Detroit came into the season with some concerns over some positions, those concerns haven’t bothered the Tigers at all so far this season.

Detroit was able to win their 4th game of the season even after the Orioles tried to launch a 9th inning comeback. The Tigers relief pitchers didn’t perform nearly as well as Porcello did.

They gave up 5 9th inning runs and it looked like the Tigers were going to fail for their quest to continue their winning streak. The Tigers bullpen blunders started when Alex Gonzalez gave up 3 hits and 2 runs.

Then they continued to struggle when, Don Kelly gave up 4 hits and 2 runs. The Tigers had to be breaking out in a cold sweat, when they sent in Rajai Davis and he gave up 3 hits and one run to make it a one run game.

Somehow the baseball God’s were looking out for the Tigers, they were able to get the last out and preserve the win. But it is clear the Tigers bullpen needs some work.

But for now the Detroit Tigers are off to a perfect season. How long it will continue depends on whether or not the Detroit bullpen can get it right.

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