Rick Porcello had a terrible time with the Minnesota Twins, Porcello gave up 6 runs on 6 hits. Only 2 of those runs were earned runs. Porcello had help in giving out runs in Minnesota last night. The Detroit Tigers spent a ton of money to build this team. This season hasn’t gone exactly the way the Tigers had planned when they drew it up on the board. The Tigers pitchers have not been performing as well as they had last season and many thought that could be a problem coming into this season.

To lose to the Minnesota Twins 11-7 is a major blow to the Tigers pitching staff, the fact the Tigers gave up 11 runs to the team that has been at the bottom of the ladder shows that money can’t always buy you wins. The Tigers spend money to get guys that can make the team competitive and this Detroit Tigers team just isn’t able to get it together yet. There is still plenty of baseball left this season and the Tigers could rally at anytime. For now the Tiger fans are going to have to take it.


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