RGIII is beginning to look like a glorified Michael Vick: stupid assed decisions, missing receivers who are wide open, NOT SEEING receivers who are wide open, and taking most of this season, seemingly, to realize that he needs to get down when there’s nothing more to be gained from an improvised run, or else throw the ball away quickly if he‘s gone through his progressions without finding an appropriate target in five seconds.


I’ve watched all of Andrew Luck’s games so far this year and, like RGIII, he’s looked like a dunce much more often in his sophomore campaign than he did as a rookie as well—(although, like Peyton Manning, NO ONE ever criticizes him even on those comparatively rare occasions when it’s warranted…)

Yes, in Griffin’s case there’s more than one thing going on that contribute to what we’ve been seeing. For instance despite my criticism above, to be fair, I’m not convinced that Robert trusts his surgically repaired knee enough to slide feet first— perhaps fearing that his cleats may stick and worsen the pain he’s likely been experiencing through the first seven games or so this year.

Also, at some point defenses adjust to what you do well from one year to the next (and in the case of really good DC’s—one series to the next… )That would explain a good deal of the fluctuations we’ve seen in both of those qb’s performances this year.

It remains to be seen, though, how well Griffin reacts to his diminishing success on the field (and popularity off it according to a few Washington beat writers in Washington). But as far as his team is concerned, they look poorly coached and dissension-addled. And, dare I say it, the Giants no longer look moribund and may well overtake the ‘Skins before all is said and done…





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