When the Washington Redskins open their season against the New Orleans Saints Robert Griffin III will face a difficult opponent in Drew Brees. RGIII will have his work cut out for himself face one of the elite quarterbacks in the N.F.L.. For Griffin he needs to get off to a quick start and hope the Washington defense can control the passing attack of Brees. Griffin is going to need to put points on the board and he is going to have to continue to do so for the entire game.

There could be no tougher task for RGIII to face in his first N.F.L. regular season game. The Saints not only have a tough quarterback in Brees they have a defense that likes to  pressure quarterbacks. We have seen the Saints get to the best of them the N.F.L. has to offer. RGIII will be tested in this game, he is going to need to use every talent he has if he is going to be successful in his regular season debut as the Redskins leader.


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