Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez came into the Titans game with a shot of getting the New York Jets into the play offs. Those hope started to vanish almost as fast as the weight fell from Ryan’s body after his lap-band surgery.  Mark Sanchez couldn’t get it done last night. The Jets really need to make some changes to get this team moving in the right direction. They brought in Braylon Edwards this week hoping he would give the Jets the spark they needed to get the team a win in Tennessee. That didn’t happen even though Edwards did give Sanchez another receiver to target.

The truth is, Sanchez isn’t capable of getting the job done. Why Ryan is still sticking with him is anyone’s guess. The season was on the line and Ryan did very little coaching and provided no leadership for the Jets team.  Not only should the New York Jets consider replacing Sanchez they should be considering making a head coach change too. Ryan has continued to prove he cannot control his team. From the locker room malcontent to the on field poor play of his offensive unit the New York Jets are a undisciplined team.

Rex Ran is not getting it done in New York. It is time for the team to move on and they need a new head coach to do so. Losing to the Titans in a must win game shows that Ryan is not capable of coaching this team and Mark Sanchez isn’t capable of winning a tough football game. It is time to make a change in New York. Get rid of Ryan and Sanchez and move on….

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