Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez both impressed Jets coaches in their first workout. Rex Ryan could be faced with a huge choice to make come the start of the NFL season. Sanchez who has been the starter in New York may be out-favored by Tim Tebow who will clearly be the fan favorite when the season starts. The people in the Big Apple could have already had their fill of Sanchez who was surrounded by controversy as the season came to an end last year.

Rex Ryan will be face with pressure from the fans who will be calling for Tebow by name I am sure at the first sign of struggle from Sanchez. Rayn though he had problems before, he hasn’t seen anything yet. One reason Tebow could have been traded was to take the focus off of him on Denver and get it on Peyton Manning. The New York Jets will see just how popular Tim Tebow is once the season starts. Tim Tebow will bring a lot of things to the New York Jets and for Rex Ryan it may be just what the doctor ordered after last season’s locker room trash talk. It is going to be an interesting summer at Jets camp that is for sure.

I can’t wait to see if the Jets play the new song Fan Anthems did called “Tebow and The Jets” as Tim Tebow takes the field. The Tebow song is available at ITunes  and for immediate down load for only .99 cents and it is a hoot…..


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