Professional Golfer Tiger Woods watched his life fall apart when he was caught in a serial cheating scandal when he was married to Elin Nordegren. Now, Woods wants the lady that received a 110 million dollar divorce settlement from him back as his wife. Reports are saying Tiger Woods offered Nordegren a 200 million dollar prenup to marry him again. Woods said if he cheats on her again, he would pay her 200 million dollars.

Of course Elin Nordegren is not stupid, she reportedly said she would require a 350 million dollar prenup. Is she for real? Why would she want to take Woods back? A Tiger don’t change his strips. She would have to require Woods to take an H.I.V. test too. Seriously, would anyone in their right mind want to marry Woods again? Wasn’t once enough? Maybe she is not in her right mind. By the way this Woods guy must have a ton of cash sitting around somewhere.

Woods could keep his putter in the bag the last time he was married to her, what makes him think he can do it this time?

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