Golfer Tiger Woods knows something about knee problems, we have seen him win a U.S. Open limping through the last few holes. Woods reportedly has dated Lindsey Vonn for nine months, he just has his private jet fly over to Austria to pick up Von and bring her home after she suffered a season ending knee injury after she crashed at the World Championships. Sure when it comes to knee injuries and athletes that are at the top of the world rankings with their games, Tiger knows how to handle it. Could Woods be a big help to Vonn? Well tiger help her get back to health?

The rehab process can be long and tedious, Tiger went through it and now that things seem to be a little more serious between him and Linsdey Vonn, you have to wonder how much of advantage Vonn will have if the Tiger sticks by her side to nurse her back to health. Woods is already on a slowed schedule with his commitments on the PGA tour, he isn’t playing this weekend and he doesn’t have anything scheduled on his web site until the Masters in April.

This should give Tiger plenty of time to help Vonn make it through a knee reconstruction surgery and get her back on her feet. It is going to be a long difficult process for Vonn, but if you have a Tiger on your side who knows how to rehab a knee, the process could go a bit smoother.


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